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5 Security Strategies To Protect Your Reseller Hosting Business

By jenny Jan5,2023

A web hosting reseller business is a cost-efficient and hassle-free manner of launching a web hosting business. It allows you to start selling web hosting services without having to invest in the costly infrastructure required to offer web hosting. Web hosting resellers purchase resources from a parent company, create hosting packages, and sell them to websites. When you decide to buy Reseller Web Hosting, you can choose between Windows and Linux Reseller plans based on your needs. While reseller hosting makes it easier for resellers to get started, the biggest challenge faced by them is a security breach. In this article, we will share five security strategies to help protect your reseller hosting business.

Install SSL Certificates

While most websites take all measures to protect the server and the website, hackers tend to gain unauthorized access to the information being exchanged between the server and the user’s browser. When you install an SSL Certificate, this information is encrypted making it difficult to be intercepted. This can help offer highly secure hosting services to your clients.

Use a CDN

A Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack is one of the most common ways in which hackers gain unauthorized access to websites. They send a lot of malicious traffic to websites and overwhelm them to send malicious code for accessing them without permission. This can be thwarted by using a content delivery network or CDN as it can reduce the number of requests processed by the server.

Update all software regularly

Hackers are regularly looking for sites that have security vulnerabilities to exploit them. Software developers release regular updates to patch any security loopholes to boost the security of the server and the hosted website. Hence, make sure that you update all software regularly.

Run security scans

Despite the security measures, a virus, malware, or malicious code might get through your site’s defenses and cause havoc. Therefore, it is important to scan your server for any security issues at regular intervals. This can help ensure that your reseller hosting business is protected.

Use two-factor authentication

Most hackers gain unlawful access to websites by using brute force and cracking passwords. However, if you activate two-factor authentication, then they will also need access to the one-time password sent to the registered mobile number or an authentication request sent to the Google Authenticator Application. This makes it difficult for hackers to access your website even with a compromised password.

Summing Up

When you plan to start a business to resell web hosting, apart from other factors, you need to ensure that you offer a highly secure hosting environment to your clients. Remember, if your hosting services have regular security issues, then your clients will start looking for other options. Follow the tips mentioned above and protect your reseller hosting business. Good Luck!


By jenny

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