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By jenny Dec19,2019

How The Early Dog Cancer Detection Has Become Simpler

In many homes, you will come across pets. Many people love to keep dogs and take care of them as they would do to their kids. When your dog becomes sick, it will not talk and tell you to take it to the vet. Every person who has kept pets in their homes has a duty of ensuring the animal is healthy and free from diseases. Dogs, unlike human, are prone to cancer cases. It is thus vital for the pet owner to know how to test and prevent instances of cancer. The early dog cancer detection is now possible, courtesy of new technology available. You can now test cancer cases at home using a simple kit.

Many Instances Of Cancer

Research done by scientists indicates many dogs end up having cancer, and this makes their life unbearable. The cancer case affecting these animals comes from environmental factors and stress. When your dog is unhealthy, you must notice something is wrong since it cannot express itself. You can get this early by using a method that shows what is wrong in the body and when it is under duress.

Today, researchers have made it easy to get early dog cancer detection by checking their molecular DNA. By checking this DNA, it becomes easy to detect when the dog is under duress when the test turns to become unbalanced.

If not careful, you will realize late that your dog has cancer. As such, you need to try the homemade kit used to detect the changes and molecular stress in the DNA. Since the kit measures and monitors the DNA stress, it gives the overall measurement and the dog’s molecular stability. If the kit shows higher stress levels, it means the presence of having cancer is high.

Today, many families keeping dogs as pets need to get the OncoGuarDx. This tool will help to monitor stress levels.

When it comes to using this kit, all you need is to swab some philtrum around the nose. Once the sample is taken, it is placed on the filtering disk. You then use an app installed in your Smartphone to analyze the molecular stress level. The best part about this technology is that when the swab gets analyzed, it gives the stress levels and provides the results immediately. If you have the results turning positive, you contact the vet who starts providing the right treatment to cancer. The OncoGuarDx is a simple, clean, and fast technology. The kit is also among the most affordable.

Getting This Testing Kit

If you love your dog and want to know if it is healthy or suffering from instances of cancer, the best thing is to get the kit. The package comes with two kits at an affordable price. If you want to do the testing every often, you sign up for the six-month tool and save more money.

When it comes to early dog cancer detection, get this tool. When doing the test, you need no blood drawn. The swab used shows in color index, and it reveals if your pet needs treatment.

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