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Manufacturing Business Analysis: Streamlining Operations

As a result, it leads to minimized human labor, better use of resources, improved customer service, and efficient operations management. Business analysis is an exciting field and one in which certification is desirable, not just to prove your skills but also to find jobs in higher ranks. In this article, we’ll take a look at some common certifications and a few reasons why it’s a good idea get certified. Being a successful business analyst requires you to have a specific set of skills at your disposal to adapt well to any environment – including one that is continuously shifting beneath your feet. So, to take advantage of evolving business analytics, you need to first understand the role of future generations and how changing demographics influence business technology. In today’s data-driven business landscape, understanding the essence of business analytics is not just a choice; it’s a necessity.

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While managing and analyzing data, business analyst can work with statistical software such as SPSS, SAS, Sage, Mathematica, and even Excel. A UX Analyst is someone who is involved in the interface design or user experience for websites and software applications. Analysts who dedicate their time to user experience requirements and create the actual UI designs, mockup or prototype are known as UX Analysts. They don’t just decide how the interface will look like, but also how the end-user will interact with this interface. The IIBA’s Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) reference book is a key resource to begin understanding the tasks and techniques of a business analyst. Business analysts might deliver many different types of solutions in many different formats, including business plans, data models, flowcharts, or strategic plans.

Recent advances in big data mean that the role of the business analyst has evolved a great deal. Read more about here. Today, business analysts (alongside other roles in data science) are able to mine big data to understand customer behavior and identify system inefficiencies, for example. Business analysts identify vulnerabilities in a company’s processes and devise data-driven solutions for improvements. As the liaison between IT and management, business analysts convert the findings of data specialists and programmers into practical remedies. Data analytics is one of today’s most sought-after skills as organizations increasingly rely on data to drive decision-making.

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Business analysts use Excel to calculate customer discounts based on monthly purchase volume by product. They even summarize customer revenue by product to find areas where there is a need to build stronger customer relationships. A business analyst must perform multiple duties; hence they need to have a strong skill set that is an amalgam of technical and non-technical skills. For the organization, certification assures the business that they have the right choice for the position. It’s also time-consuming and costly, so the organization should strive to make the right choice the first time by ensuring a mutually beneficial fit.

Business Analyst

These professionals require technical knowledge, domain understanding, and excellent interpersonal skills to efficiently play the role of a business analyst in a project. Some of the skills required for business analyst work are listed below. Most employers require business analysts to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business administration; some prefer to hire candidates with a graduate degree or specialization. To attain the best-paying positions with high-profile companies, candidates generally require extensive industry experience or a master’s degree in business administration. With a master’s degree, graduates are prepared to apply for positions as a business analyst or senior business analyst. According to Payscale August 2022 data, the average salary for all business analysts is $64,330.


Hence conducting regular meetings with the clients and the IT team to take feedback and implement changes, helps in reaching the end goal of the project very soon. This is one of the most crucial business analyst skills that a successful BA must possess. First & Foremost before starting the project, the role of the business analysts is to understand the client’s business goals; hence the BA has to make sure to prepare a plan that is best suited for the client’s projects. Hence every business analyst has to understand what are the ongoing problems that the client is facing at the moment and how their solution can help the client mitigate the limitations they are typically facing in their industry. After gaining experience as a business analyst, professionals can move into a senior business analyst role or related roles like financial analyst or operations analyst. From here, professionals may progress into management and leadership roles like principal business analyst or director of business intelligence and analytics.

It’s critical for establishing baseline expectations and creating data-reliant strategies for improving a business’ performance. I hope that TestGorilla realizes the value proposition in their work is not only the platform but the type of support that’s provided. The TestGorilla team only offers useful insights to user challenges, they engage in conversation. Creating assessments for different positions is easy due to pre-existing templates.

One of the best ways that they serve business analysts is by providing quality resources that you can depend on. While business analysts normally focus on finding trends in data and coming up with tech solutions to improve an organization’s operations, data scientists are more focused on understanding what drives those trends. Having said that, both data scientists and business analysts work closely with each other to recommend solutions to stakeholders. Data scientists and business analysts are sometimes used interchangeably. It’s important to know the difference between data science and business analysis.

The Role of the Business Analyst in Digital Transformation

If I had to sum up the responsibilities of a business analyst in a single sentence it would be; “A business analyst is responsible for helping the company improve its’ performance”. A business analyst is essentially a data-driven consultant that works full-time for the company. Aside from technical and role-specific skills, business and data analysts each need some additional abilities to be successful.

This task requires special skills to understand the patterns in data, determine how the data will contribute to business growth, and how changing functionalities will bring about the necessary change. Salaries for business analysts are competitive with salaries in other tech fields. BLS research lists the median annual salary for management analysts at $93,000 as of May 2021.

Specific business analyst roles

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment for business analysts will rise by 11% from 2019 to 2029 , much faster than the average job outlook growth rate. And according to, the average salary  of a business analyst is $77,009. The role of a business analyst is to use data to solve existing business problems. Business analysts typically work under the business intelligence team, which is responsible for providing past and current views of business operations. Think streamlining processes or optimizing the performance of a business segment. However, they most often work as consultants brought in to lead specific projects that focus on identifying the root cause of an organizational issue and developing the best solutions.

Kickstart Your Business Analyst Career

These solutions maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders. It is a significant task as the business growth and the company reputation depend on the analysis part a lot. Hence, it is also an excellent career option with high-paying and promising job opportunities.

Embarking on a career as a Business Analyst offers a promising path filled with opportunities for professional growth and impact. Aspiring business analysts can unlock a world of possibilities by acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience. Cultivating a continuous learning mindset, staying updated with industry trends, and actively participating in professional networks and communities will contribute to professional development. Finally, once all the decisions and meetings have been concluded the business analyst has to deliver the project to the client. The streamlined approach taken by the business analyst helps in achieving the required outcomes in lesser time.

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