Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Muslim women and girls are not different, and even they equally love to dress up in nice and vibrant colours for various occasions. Therefore there is need for clothes which is always on an increase for them. Regardless of the conservative arabic culture, religion or socio-economic situationmost of the female population of the muslim world loves to pick out new outfits and colour coordinate their abayas for all social gatherings. Being a girl myself, I can vouch for the fact that fashion is modest and for success. This is a great motto to live by! At the same time, being a Muslim I have to bear in mind the shariah guidelines of Islam when it comes to picking out a jilbab or an abaya to wear to work or party.

So here I have decided to give out some free advice for all my Muslim gal pals out there about looking your best even while wearing Islamic clothes like abayas and Hijab. The first thing that you should be conscious about being a Muslim is to always pick out outfits that are modest and do not allow any sort of inappropriate exposure of the body. It is completely untrue that women wearing abayas lack fashion sense, are dumb or boring. Wearing abayas and hijabs that are styled in vogue, flattering cuts and in complimentary colours can make you appear chic, stylish and modest.

By reinterpreting elements from the western designer fashions and the rich cultural and Islamic heritage of her background, Mysha Collections has infused abaya designs with pure indulgence in fabrics and textures with a twist of modern appeal.

This has attracted and generated a complete new deprived segment of the market and their designs are now embraced by young students to business professionals from all over the world- all of these women all have one thing in mind…modesty!

The most important thing that determines a right abaya is the choice of colour palettes. Wear colours that compliment your complexion and suit the climate and occasion. Wearing dark coloured or woolen abayas in the hot summer days is definitely a fashion faux. Choose soothing colours like pastels, beiges, coral, pinks and big pink floral patterns. Your evening wear Hijab can have some bling on brighter shades of pinks, purples and blue.

If you want to create a look that is perfect for the particular occasion, select a flattering colour which would compliment your complexion.

to see the latest designs this ramadan. We also accept bulk orders.

We introduce Mysha Collections, a premium designer brand from India. Mysha Collections is a manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of modest clothing specially, Abayas, Tunics and Hijabs. Our designs have accurate shapes, enthralling designs and exquisite craftsmanship made perfect on high quality fabrics. Inspired by Islamic modesty and style we have tried to create vintage chic fused with sumptuous chiffons and georgettes, ritzy silks, swanky linens and ethereal pashmina.

Mysha Collections is based in New Delhi and is a family owned, family run business providing the very highest quality in service and clothing products. Therefore we can provide our customers some of the very best designs at most competitive prices. Our simple aim is to provide you the real value for money. Take a look at the designs we have in store, or let us know if you would like a bespoke design of your own choice.

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