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The Best Techniques to Shorten a CV

By Windforce May18,2024

Of course, there are some exceptions but the one-page CV is very mostly the rule, just for reasons of readability. However, it is not always easy to put everything on one page, especially if you have several degrees and more experience to your credit. On the other hand, some candidates simply make the mistake of writing a long story thinking they can impress the recruiter. Here are the best tips to shorten your curriculum vitae properly.

Sort Out your Professional Experiences

If you ask yourself “how to make my CV free and quick”, the answer is that you can use a CV creator that will help you put all the relevant information in one page. Most of the time, it is the part devoted to professional experiences that needs the largest space. This is an essential section that can occupy up to 50% of the total surface of the resume. But even with so much space, it is sometimes difficult to incorporate all the past experiences, especially when you are a senior candidate with more than 10 to 15 years of career with several different employers. In such a case, how to proceed?

Personalizing the CV will help sort it out. If you are applying in finance and have previous experience in marketing, you can mention it but without going into detail. One line is enough in order to save space. The personalization work also applies to the other sections. Keeping the example of an application in finance, there is no need to leave the line devoted to the driver’s license on your CV that you obtained during a summer job. In short, keep only what is relevant to the position sought.

Be Concise when Making a CV

You have to know how to spot the superfluous information and sacrifice it. For example, if the section devoted to the training path is essential for a young graduate, it can be reduced to the last relevant diploma acquired by an experienced candidate. There is no need to go back to the high school degree, a Bachelor’s degree can be enough to understand your level.

Here is another example: the section devoted to extra-professional interests humanizes the profile. So, it is important. Nonetheless, it is not essential. Do not take an inventory of your hobbies, a single relevant activity developed in two lines may suffice. It can be an associative commitment, a sporting passion or a pronounced taste for a country or a culture.

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